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product arrow Schecter Omen Elite-7 Multiscale 7-string Electric Guitar - Charcoal

Schecter Omen Elite-7 Multiscale 7-string Electric Guitar - Charcoal
Price Rp 10.168.000

Fully Optimized for 7-string Performance

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From the neck to the pickups to the scale length, the Schecter Omen Elite-7 Multiscale electric guitar is an axe designed to fully harness its 7-string potential! The core of this instrument is its 25.5–27-inch scale length, allowing for even the lowest drop-tuned chug with ideal string tension and intonation across the entire fingerboard. On the skinny side, the Omen Elite-7’s fast thin “C” profile is all but guaranteed to up your speed, while the rosewood fingerboard’s 24 jumbo frets and flat 16-inch radius are perfect for modern metal technicality. Finally, the gorgeous burl-topped mahogany body is loaded with two of Schecter’s Diamond Heretic humbuckers, a pair of pickups fully optimized for brutal 7-string riffage, cutting lead tones, and sparkling cleans with endless articulation.

Harness your full range

Sure, you can tune your favorite 6-string (or standard-scale 7-string, for that matter) down to the low B or A range. However, any player who values precision in their setup will quickly discover that this can lead to weak, floppy strings — there’s a reason why basses have such a long scale length! A multi-scale neck is an ideal remedy for this situation, lengthening the string’s travel to increase tension and improve intonation. Moreover, this guitar's 25.5–27-inch design retains a typical scale length on the high strings, keeping their playability and feel identical to a standard guitar.

A neck built for speed

While we love the old-school chunk of a baseball bat neck as much as the next guitarist, if you’re after speed, nothing beats the lightning-fast playability of Schecter’s thin “C” maple neck profile! Plus, while its diminished size certainly reduces drag and improves speed, this is by no means a “toothpick” neck — Schecter was careful to leave just enough mass to provide a slick feel while still filling out the palm of your hand. The rosewood fingerboard’s 24 jumbo frets and very flat 16-inch recipe take the formula even further, allowing for effortless bends and incredibly low action with no string choke out.

Tone that cuts like a diamond

When you’re wielding a 7-string, it’s crucial to have a set of pickups that take full advantage of your instrument’s extended range. Fortunately for fans of high-gain chug everywhere, Schecter has optimized their Diamond Heretic humbuckers to provide unmatched clarity and articulation across the fingerboard, from the lowest drop-tuned 7th string to the piercing high E on the 24th fret! They djent, they sing with sustain, and they produce a wonderfully rich and full-range clean tone when it comes time to dial down the gain — Sweetwater’s 7-string fanatics can’t help but be impressed by the sheer sonic might and tonal flexibility of Schecter’s Diamond Heretic humbuckers!

Schecter Omen Elite-7 Multiscale 7-string Electric Guitar Features:

  • 25.5–27-inch scale multiscale design provides enhanced intonation and proper tension across all seven strings
  • Lightweight mahogany body with incredible upper fret access
  • Attention-grabbing burl top
  • Diamond Heretic pickups cover everything from brutal djent chug to sparkling cleans
  • Rigid maple neck in a fast “C” profile offers a fast feel for technique-heavy players
  • Beautiful rosewood fingerboard
  • 24 jumbo frets in a flat 16-inch radius allow for massive pinch harmonic-laden bends and 7-string virtuosity with ultra-low action
  • Top-of-the-line Hipshot 7-string Multiscale fixed bridge for improved string-to-body contact, resulting in greater sustain
  • Rock-solid Schecter tuners keep your setup solid

Tech Specs

  • General
  • Number of Strings 7
  • Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
  • Body
  • Body Type Solidbody
  • Body Shape Omen Elite
  • Body Material Mahogany
  • Top Material Burl
  • Body Finish Gloss
  • Color Charcoal
  • Neck
  • Neck Material Maple
  • Neck Shape Thin C
  • Neck Joint 5-way Bolt-on
  • Radius 16"
  • Fingerboard Material Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Inlay Pearloid Lines
  • Number of Frets 24, Jumbo
  • Scale Length 25.5"-27" multi-scale
  • Nut Width 1.889"
  • Nut Material Graph Tech XL Black Tusq
  • Hardware
  • Bridge/Tailpiece Hipshot 7-string Multi-scale
  • Tuners Schecter
  • Electronics
  • Neck Pickup Schecter DIamond Heretic Humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup Schecter Diamond Heretic Humbucker
  • Controls 1 x master volume, 1 x master tone
  • Switching 5-way blade pickup switch
  • Miscellaneous
  • Strings Ernie Ball, .009-.062
  • Case/Gig Bag Sold Separately
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2463
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A/N : Tony Kurniawan



A/N : Tony Kurniawan

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