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product arrow PreSonus Revelator io44 USB-C Audio Interface

Price Rp 3.381.000

Compact Audio Interface with DSP and Built-in Streaming Mixer

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The PreSonus Revelator io44 makes livestreaming and recording more manageable than ever. Thanks to its XMAX-L preamp and premium circuitry, this compact USB-C audio interface offers superb sound. Revelator comes with the same onboard DSP as PreSonus’ well-loved Studio Live III Series mixer. You get access to eight expertly-designed effects presets and can edit them all to find your perfect sound. In addition to the XLR/TRS input, the interface also includes a headset input, 3.5mm line input, USB connectivity, and analog main outputs. Livestreamers around Sweetwater appreciate how well the output limiter prevents clipping when going live. Your purchase of Revelator io44 includes Studio One Artist DAW software and PreSonus’ Studio Magic plug-in bundle to get you started on the right foot. Streamers of all stripes will love using the PreSonus Revelator io44 for its accessibility, great sound, and small form factor.

Your livestreaming companion

Going live on Facebook Gaming, Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or any other platform requires the right equipment. The Revelator io44 comes with two stereo loopback channels, so you can stream audio from multiple sources at once. It also has an onboard streaming mixer that blends audio from three different applications and aligns them perfectly for your stream. The mixer is controlled through PreSonus’ UC Surface app for iPad, Microsoft, and Android devices. From your mobile device, you get total control over the mixer, DSP effects, and more — all without having to open up new windows on your computer.

Customize your sound

Onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is just another reason why Revelator io44 is an awesome audio interface for streamers. You get eight Fat Channel presets for vocals, guitar, broadcasting, and more right out of the box. You can apply the processing to the Mic/instrument channel, as well as the headset input. What’s more, each preset is completely adjustable, opening the door to custom user presets that you can share with your friends. Whether you use compression and EQ to add a subtle studio polish to your vocals or take advantage of outlandish effects, Revelator io44 will help you achieve the sound in your head.

Outstanding software package included

With Revelator io44, you’re getting much more than a remarkable piece of hardware. Your purchase includes a collection of terrific software, including Studio One Artist, Abelton Live Lite, and the Studio Magic plug-in suite. This extensive collection of popular plug-ins includes emulations of classic studio gear from legendary manufacturers, adding hundreds of dollars in extra value. Punch up your mix bus with the Brainworx bx_opto compressor, add ambient reverb with Lexicon MPX-i Reverb, fire up transients with SPL’s Attacker Plus, and much more. And since these plug-ins are available in AAX, VST, and AU formats, they’re compatible with any DAW.

PreSonus Revelator io44 USB Audio Interface Features:

  • 4-in/4-out USB-C audio interface with a compact footprint
  • Streamlined controls make operation a breeze
  • Onboard DSP polishes your sound at the source
  • Built-in streaming mixer blends audio from up to three different applications
  • XMAX-L microphone preamp helps your mic sound its best
  • 2 dedicated stereo loopback channels allow you to stream audio from multiple sources
  • Stereo line input handles audio from a mixer or a DJ deck
  • Headset input lets you use your favorite gaming headset
  • UC Surface app lets you adjust your levels from your iPad, Windows, and Android device
  • Includes Studio One Artist and Studio Magic Bundle to get you started on the right foot

Tech Specs

  • Computer Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Simultaneous I/O: 4 x 4
  • Number of Preamps: 1 x mic
  • Phantom Power: Yes
  • A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • Effects: Filter, Noise Gate, Compressor, EQ, Limiter, Delay, Doubler, Ring Mod, Vocoder, Reverb
  • Analog Inputs: 1 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line), 1 x 1/8" TRS (line in)
  • Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4" TRS (L, R)
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/8" TRRS
  • USB: 1 x USB-C
  • Software: Studio One Artist, Studio Magic Software Bundle, Universal Control
  • OS Requirements - Mac: macOS 10.13 or later, iOS 9.0.3 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC: Windows 10 or later, Chrome OS (limited features)
  • Bus Powered: Yes
  • Power Supply: USB bus powered
  • Height: 2.3"
  • Width: 3.03"
  • Depth: 5.35"
  • Weight: 0.78 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Revelator io44
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A/N : Tony Kurniawan

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